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Journey & CV —

Hello. A bit about me.


I'm fortunate to have a loving PARTNER in my life — she is the anchor, support, and guide that makes me a better man. Together we have two little girls and a mini-labradoodle, Toaster (my old friend pictured above) — I love them all beyond words. We currently live in Los Angeles, California.


I believe in PLAYING throughout life, trying and repeatedly failing at the many things that pique my interest. I'm a devoted SANBO ZEN practitioner studying under HENRY SHUKMAN.

I work as the co-founder and CEO of PROOF (creators of Moonbirds) and a partner at TRUE VENTURES.

Previously, as an entrepreneur, I founded the social news site DIGG, the intermittent fasting app ZERO, the meditation app OAK, and many other projects that have failed and no longer exist. Also, I served as the CEO of HODINKEE and a General Partner at GOOGLE VENTURES.
Notable Investments
Twitter, Facebook, Zynga, Square, Medium, Foursquare, Nextdoor, Blue Bottle Coffee, Clever, Ripple, Oura, Solana, Filecoin, Blockstack, Magic Spoon,  ArtBlocks, Flamingo DAO, Endel 
Formal and Advisory boards
Harlan Estate, The Skatepark ProjectHodinkee, Endel
Top 25 Angel Investors (Bloomberg)
Top 25 Web Celebrities (Forbes)
Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web (Time)
Most Influential People on the Web (Businessweek)
Top 35 Innovators under 35 (MIT)
Webby Award winner (five-time winner) 
Notable Media Appearances
ABC Nightline News
The Jimmy Fallon Show (2x guest)
Charlie Rose Show
Joe Rogan Show
Tim Ferriss Show
Businessweek, Cover
Inc. Magazine, Cover
RedHerring, Cover
BusinessPunk, Cover
7x7 Magazine, Cover
7,831,928, 8,402,374, 8,452,777, 8,631,015, 8,566,725, 8,572,492 
Media Contact
press [at] 
Social Media
Twitter and Instagram.
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